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This guide presents a new custom data type (string input) available on contractor management platforms powered by Whitelance. This allows users to type strings in an input field. There is further documentation on how to restrict the inputs to only characters, symbols, numbers etc (see our guide here).

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Step by Step Guide

In your admin dashboard under the ‘Data Types’ menu item is the option to create custom data types. Previously the admin needed to prepopulate a list and the users could either single select (choose one option from the list) or multi-select (choose multiple options from the list).

This guide presents a new custom data type, which is a string input (‘Text input’) for users to be able to input any combination of characters, numbers or symbols that they like.

As seen in the image above, custom data types can be activated on several pages of your freelancer marketplace (registration pages, profile pages, post-jobs page). This particular type of input field allows the user to input their own answer instead of choose from a drop-down list.

In the image below the ‘Test String 1’ field is a text input custom data type, the information of which is saved with the submitted form.

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