Delayed payments feature

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This guide demonstrates how to enable the feature that lets payments be made at a future date as opposed to instantaneously for platforms powered by our contractor management software.

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Step by Step Guide

On your admin dashboard under settings is the option to ‘Allow customers to set contract terms, to delay payments by a number of days?’

When this feature is activated the customer can navigate to the drop down menu and navigate to JOBS> ALL JOBS. Each active job can then be seen by selecting ‘Manage Jobs’. The option ‘Should payments for the job be delayed?’ is available to be selected for each contract and the days that the payment should be delayed can be set (0 is immediate payment, 1 is after 24 hours etc). Note that each contract is independent of each other, though all the milestones within the same contract will have payments postponed by the same duration.

When using the delayed payments feature the customer is notified when a milestone has been completed. If they are satisfied with the quality of work that has been done they can see that the ‘Next Step’ is ‘Payment due’. They can click ‘Pay’, which will not transact immediately but rather at a future date as shown in the image below.

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