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This guide walks through an update that lets custom data items from a posted job appear in the automated Postmark email. This email notifies your external workforce that a job of relevance has been posted, and they can now see the job details directly in the email instead of having to log in to see specifics.

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Step by Step Guide

When customers are posting a job they can input or select job preferences from custom data that the admin has created (location, budget, experience, qualifications etc).

When the customer posts a job, the talent on your platform would receive an email notification saying that a job has been posted and the email would list the Job Title and Job Description with a link for them to log into their account and view the posted jobs. Only once the talent had logged in would they be able to see the job specifications to assess whether they should apply or not.

This update allows the admin to add the custom data title and the customer’s inputs to the automated email that the external workforce receives.

The admin must first copy the name of the data type from their admin dashboard. In the case below the name is ‘exactbudget’.

The admin must then log into their Postmark account and select the template labelled ‘customer_job_posted’. The HTML editor will show the code that specifies what appears in the email.

The admin must paste the following code on this page and insert the custom data name between custom_ and .title (ie replace ‘years’ from the code below in the first and final lines)

{{# custom_years.title }}<br/>
<strong>{{ ../title }}</strong>
{{#each ../values}}
<br/>{{ . }}
{{/ custom_years.title }}<br/>

In this way the automated email that freelancers receive can include job specifications as shown in the image below. Change the order of appearance by pasting the code above or below other items in the Postmark editor.

Note that users with a poor internet connection might not load the HTML version of the email, but the text version instead. The text version must be updated separately using the same methodology (text version is in Postmark editor next to HTML tab).

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