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This guide explains how freelancers can invite others to use your marketplace platform using a unique link that automatically fills the referral line when registering.

Video Guide

The referral functionality has been updated, with a demo of the new functionality included in the video below.

Step by Step Guide

In the admin dashboard under ‘Settings’ is the option to ‘Display a new menu item for users to invite others to register as freelancers?’. Note that this feature also requires the ‘Display a referral field on the user registration pages’ to be enabled.

Enabling this feature will create an icon on the freelancer’s menu. The icon, when clicked, launches a new email in the freelancer’s desktop email program, which includes a generic subject and text that can be edited. The email includes a code, which the recipient of the email can click on to be guided to the marketplace’s registration page, where the referral code input line will already be filled with the senders email address.

In this way the admin can track the number of new users a freelancer has brought on to their platform. A guide is available in our documentation outlining how commission rates can be reduced based on the number of referrals a freelancer has made, as a method of incentivising freelancers to invite friends to use the platform.

Referral Subfeature update

A subfeature has been added to the referral feature, with the option to ‘Show Modal’.

Enabling this subfeature will create a new pop-up, the content of which can be edited via the content file. Within this pop-up the marketplace admin can explain the specific referral plan and benefits their referral scheme offers. Moreover, the user can then directly copy their referral link via a button in the pop-up to share off-platform, or they can open their default emailing tool to invite new users to the platform. An example of what this pop-up looks like is shown in the image below.

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