How do we delete user data

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If you decide to delete the data and accounts of a user, you can do so via the Users table on your admin dashboard.

To enable proper contracts on your marketplace, users must complete all open milestones and close any open contracts before their accounts can be closed.

Users have the right to have their personal data deleted, but there is also a legal duty for certain data to be retained. In the case of work marketplaces, most countries have a legal requirement for contracting parties to retain copies of invoices and contracts. In the UK, that duty is for 7 years. To facilitate these requirements, your Whitelance-powered marketplace will retain only the necessary information to fulfil these requirements, and after this period has passed, the remaining data will be automatically deleted.

Don’t forget to also address any user data that may be saved on your other systems, like your marketing website, Stripe account, Intercom account, and any other external tools.

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