Work Experience or Portfolio Item Required

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This guide explains three features in the admin dashboard that requires freelancers to upload work experience items, portfolio items, or both prior to their profile becoming activated.

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In the admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item are the options for the following three features.

Our system requires at minimum for the freelancers to upload a work experience or a portfolio item before their activation. The administrator can decide depending on their marketplace whether they would rather require freelancers to upload a work experience item or a portfolio item.

Work experience: Detail the types of job freelancers have had.

Portfolio: Details the projects freelancers have worked on.

Moreover, there is the option to let the freelancer decide which they would rather upload (if they don’t want to upload both), by selecting the third feature. For this feature (portfolio OR work experience) to function properly, the other two features must also be selected.

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