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This guide describes how to connect your Marketplace to Intercom to engage with your users in a more efficient manner.

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Step by Step Guide

On your admin dashboard under settings is the option to ‘Integrate with Intercom? (Optional)’. Intercom is a user engagement tool. It will collect data on all your users from the moment they register. Admins can tag their users, segment them, send them marketing emails. A chat bot can be set up on their app with user help items or that a real person monitors. Create product tours to demonstrate how the marketplace functions.

Enable this feature in the admin dashboard, and also create an account in Intercom– the early-stage offering is available for startups launched under 2 years prior, which has a discount for up to 1 year. After the grace-period is over, the admin can decide which Intercom tools are most important for them to keep. To integrate accounts, initially the admin must copy their unique user link, such as:, in this case, the user code to copy is “zo0dp1v9” (see URL in image below). Paste this code into the first input field of this feature in your marketplace admin dashboard.

Then go to Intercom –> Settings –> Security–> Enforce Identity Protection (Identity Verification for Web Users)–> Copy Identity Verification Secret Code and paste it into the admin dashboard in the “Secret Key” input field. This will connect Intercom to your account so that user data is automatically collected when users register.

By going to the menu on the left and selecting ‘Outbound’ the admin can review several tools that Intercom offers, which can be incorporated into their Marketplace app (chat bots, product tours, banner or push notifications etc)

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