Repeating Fixed Milestones

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This guide explains how freelancers can create a milestone that automatically repeats and pays a constant amount each month for marketplaces powered by Whitelance- our whitelabel freelancer marketplace solution.

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Step by Step Guide

This feature is activated in the admin dashboard by selecting ‘Let your customers pay freelancers a pre-approved single milestone that repeats each month?’

Previously contracts either had individual milestones that were paid out upon task completion or repeating milestones that are based on the amount of hours worked per cycle with an agreed upon maximum number of hours.

This feature enables freelancers to be paid a flat rate each month for the work that they do. The payment will be made on the same date that the milestone was created (in this case each month on the 17th).

Repeating individual milestones can be paused or ended at any time. Note that if it is paused or ended before the month’s end (17th of each month in this case), no payment will be made for that month, irrespective of the amount or value of work completed.

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