How to set up Stripe

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Register with Stripe here.

Visit your inbox and verify your email address.

Activate your Account

Here’s the full list of info you’ll have to provide:

Set up Stripe Connect

When Stripe asks you what you are building, select the option ”Build a platform or marketplace’:

Complete your Platform Profile

A. In the first section, select the option ‘On-Demand Services’

B. In the second section, select the option ‘From your platform’s website or app’

C. In the third section, select the option ‘Your Platform’s name’.

D. In the fourth section, select ‘Your platform’.

E. Review your answers and click ‘Submit’

F. Stripe will offer you some recommendations. You can ignore these.

Update your Settings

A. Go to your settings page:

B. Check that Connect is enabled on your account and fill in your company information:

Find your API keys

Click on the menu item ‘Developers’, the on the sub-menu item ‘API keys’. You’ll need to copy both the Publishable key and the Secret key.

Add them to your Whitelance Dashboard

Paste the keys into the ‘Payment Gateway’ tab of your Admin Dashboard:

Enable Manual Payouts

Head over to your Settings page and click on ‘Bank accounts and scheduling’.

Switch from Automatic to Manual payouts.


Congratulations, you’ve added Stripe to your marketplace. Give us a shout if you have any questions.

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