Steps to Launch

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To launch your Whitelance marketplace, you’ll need to complete the following:


Provide your logo, favicon, and primary brand colours.

Marketing Website

Build your preferred marketing website, which is completely separate from your Whitelance marketplace. In brief, you have 4 options. 1) Use your own external website. 2) Use our free WordPress website with a template you can add your content to. 3) You could start with our free WordPress website and install / customised a new theme design. 4) We can offer you an estimate to build a customised marketing website. Here’s some more info to help you decide.


Decide which service categories you are going to launch your marketplace with. Find out more here.


By default, all marketplace and email content is provided in English. We can add as many languages as you need – you’ll need to provide the translations. Emails can only be sent in one language and if you’d like to use a non-English language, let us know and we’ll give you a list of all text that you’ll need to translate and return. Find out more here.


Choose whether you would like to use 1) Manual payments, 2) MangoPay or 3) Stripe. You can only choose one. If you decide to use Stripe, here’s a guide to setting up your Stripe account. If you decide to use MangoPay, here’s a guide to getting started.

Your Commission

Decide what commission you want to charge your freelancers.

Terms & Conditions

You need a set of terms and conditions to provide your users with the rules of using your marketplace. You cannot launch your marketplace without this. We don’t provide legal services, but we have had a bespoke Terms & Conditions templated created by a registered solicitor in England. This template is suitable for a service marketplace based in England, using the Whitelance technology. You should use the template as a starting point, and consult a lawyer to check whether it suits your particular marketplace, particularly if you are based outside of the UK. If your lawyer needs support in understanding how the technology works, we’ll be happy to share more information. The template costs £250 and should help you save some money, instead of paying £750+ to have a new document created.


Let us now which domain name you will be using. Also, confirm that you are happy for your admin dashboard to be based at and your actual marketplace at, with your marketing website at Find out more here.


Set up an email address to send all marketplace emails from. We suggest


When you’re ready to go live, provide us with access to your DNS and we’ll create the necessary records to set the marketplace live and authenticate our transactional email provider.

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