Hire Me Button on Freelancer Profile

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This guide explains a new ‘Hire Me’ button that was added for customers to post jobs for specific freelancers, without having to manually invite them to view their job posting.

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Step by Step Guide

In your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is the option to ‘Display a ‘Hire Me’ button on all Freelancer profiles that redirects to the unique Freelancer URL?’

This button is built on several other features, so read and enable all relevant features listed in this guide before proceeding.

When these features are activated and a customer views a freelancer’s profile, they will be given the option to click ‘Hire Me’.

This will take the customer to a post-job page, which when completed will automatically invite this freelancer to send in a proposal for that position.

All freelancers will be able to apply for this job once it is posted (unless the option to ‘post privately’ is selected at the time of posting). However, only that specific freelancer will be automatically invited to apply. The button links to that freelancer’s unique profile URL, which the freelancer can share with customers that are interested in collaborating.

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