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This guide explains the pop-up window that can be enabled from the admin dashboard that helps freelancers estimate how much they should charge a customer to receive the amount of money that they want.

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This feature is enabled in the admin dashboard under ‘Settings’ by selecting the ‘When freelancers decide the value for a milestone, display all the payment splits?’

When this feature is enabled, the freelancers will see a information icon next to the ‘Cost’ field when creating a milestone as part of a proposal. This will open the pop-up window for them to enter the amount they were planning on charging the customer to see how much of that revenue they would receive as income.

Marketplaces powered by our whitelabel software solution have invoices, payments and contracts automatically generated. Some of these processes have built in costs (whether flat rate or variable), which a freelancer may not estimate when charging a customer. This feature assists freelancers to calculate how much they should charge to earn a fair rate after commission fees, platform tax rates, exchange rates or Stripe admin fees are taken into consideration.

The breakdown of costs is presented, with both the freelancer and the customer being burdened by some of the costs. By changing the original amount the freelancer can estimate the amount they should charge the customer to receive their expected wage.

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