Display Total Freelancer Payout on Platform Invoice

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This guide explains a new feature that displays the milestone’s total payout value on the freelancer’s invoice.


In your admin dash under ‘Settings’ is the option to ‘Dispaly the total freelancer payout on the Platform invoice? (Optional)’

Enabling this feature will update the invoice that is automatically generated from the marketplace to the freelancer.

In the following example, a milestone of 250GBP has been paid by the customer, and the platform is charging a 10% commission. When this feature is not enabled, the invoice from the platform to the freelancer will only show the commission value (first image).

Enabling this feature, will show the commission value, and the total funds that are paid out to the freelancer (milestone value – marketplace commission – stripe payout fee), which in this case is (250 – 10% – (approx) 0.25%). This is useful for the freelancer to know the amount they should expect in their bank account.

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