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This guide presents a new layout that is available for the ‘Post a Job’ page of talent marketplaces powered by Whitelance.

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Step by Step Guide

This guide presents two features, one of which is a prerequisite for the other. In your admin dashboard under the ‘Settings’ menu item is the option to ‘Enable a new /post-form page to allow Customers to post jobs via a simple form?

The previous Post a Job page layout is shown in the image below. There is a list of freelancers on the left, with the option to post a job on the right.

This feature separates the two columns so that the list of freelancers remains, however on the right there is merely a button to ‘Get Quotes’ (or the other text you have changed the button content to). This button links to a new page where the link is /post-form and the entire page is input fields to post a job as seen in the image below.

The second feature that can be implemented in conjunction with this one is labelled ‘Redesign the /post page to display Freelancers in 3 columns and direct Customers to the /post-form page? Note: Requires the /post-form feature to be enabled too.’

This changes the layout from that seen above with the list of freelancers on the left and the option to post a job on the right to that seen in the image below where there are three columns of available freelancers with a button that leads the customer to the /post-form page.

The appearance of the redesigned ‘post a job’ page is entirely customisable from the admin dashboard under the ‘Styling’ menu option. Navigate to the Custom CSS tab and select the page to customise (/post, /post-job, /login etc). Here are the options to change the colours, borders, font, size, and more.

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